Stevens’ Five Year Forward View – Will This Finally Make us ‘Fully Engaged’?

Donna CastleChief Executive of NHS England Simon Stevens published his much anticipated ‘Five Year Forward View’ this morning, revealing what he considers to be the priorities and challenges facing the National Health Service (NHS).

For those of us with long memories, it will bring the 2002 Wanless Report to mind, in which former NatWest Bank Chief Executive Derek Wanless, at the request of HM Treasury, set out three scenarios for the NHS to 2022:
•solid progress – where people would become more engaged in relation to their health: life expectancy would rise considerably, health status would improve and people would have confidence in the primary care system and use it more appropriately;
•slow uptake – where there would be no change in the level of public engagement: life expectancy would rise by the lowest amount and the health status of the population would remain constant or deteriorate; andRead more »

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The Audacity of Hope: a New Start for the Old Continent?

Jean-Claude Juncker is the third Luxembourger to hold the title of President of the European Commission. The first, Gaston Thorn, was so successful in pursuing European integration that he earned the soubriquet ‘Bloody little Gaston’ from UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The second, Jacques Santer, was sacked by the European Parliament for incompetence. Predicting Juncker’s fate in leading a union choking on challenges is a perilous pursuit.Read more »

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While the Use of Renewables Grows, is Net-Metering in Danger?

Bob BissenA recent post on carried the provocative headline that “Solar power is growing so fast that older energy companies are trying to stop it.” And while distributed solar power might not be forcing traditional utility CEO’s into sleepless nights and a bunker mentality on how to stop its growth, there’s no doubt that the use of solar power – and renewables in general – is making gains.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association’s (SEIA) recently released report, Solar Means Business 2014, as of mid-2014 there were 4,531 MW of commercial solar PV installed on 41,803 business, non-profit and government locations throughout the U.S., and that number is growing. Read more »

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The Election Campaign Has Started….Only Seven Months To Go!

APCO's London team has been keeping a close eye on this autumn's UK party conferences and provides this recap.

For the last time in this parliament, the political parties have dismantled the platforms and stowed away the lecterns; the party activists have returned to their constituencies; MPs have returned to Westminster; the slightly weary caravan of corporates, charities, lobbyists and journalists have breathed a sigh of relief and rediscovered their homes: the party conference season is... Read more »

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The Global Challenge of Reducing Food Waste

This week, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Committee on World Food Security is meeting in Rome. This is fitting because today, October 16, is World Food Day. One of the many topics for discussion is food waste. Food waste is perhaps one of the greatest tragedies, challenges and opportunities in the global effort to achieve increased food security.

It is a tragedy because nearly one billion people are food insecure, facing chronic malnutrition and undernourishment, yet we waste nearly one third of all food produced. Identifying means of reducing this waste is a global challenge. Identifying means of reclaiming this waste and turning it into consumable food for a world population growing towards nine billion by 2050 is an opportunity for business and policy entrepreneurs alike.Read more »

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Ebola: Our Biggest Risk is Not a Disease Outbreak – Our Biggest Risk is a Public Panic Attack

Bill PierceMake no mistake, Ebola is a dangerous disease. The mortality rate in the West African nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea is now 70 percent according to the World Health Organization. Projections are that if we don’t get control of the outbreak soon, the number infected in these countries could explode exponentially in just a few months, causing a growing mortality rate. Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said that in his 30 years of public health work “the only thing like it is AIDS.” His concern was clear when he also said we have to work to make sure it is “not the next AIDS.”Read more »

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