Health, Housing and Jobs: Miliband’s Ten-Year Plan

One could be forgiven for not realising that we are less than eight months away from the next General Election, so much has feverish talk of devolution echoed around the corridors of Labour Party Conference.

Needing to strike a delicate balance between sketching out a political programme from 2015 with enough eye-catching policies to galvanise the Labour Party rank-and-file, while also framing a credible appeal to voters beyond Labour’s traditional powerbase, Labour leader Ed Miliband faced a stiff task going into his conference speech. This was his chance to set the terms of political debate going into May next year and tackle head on any lingering concerns about his Prime Ministerial credentials, with polls showing his personal popularity ratings continue to trail those of his Party.Read more »

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Local Food Sourcing Movement Presents Communications Opportunities and Challenges

the next 30Today’s consumers are more interested than ever in what they eat and where their food comes from. This is according to the National Restaurant Association, who also surveyed chefs from around the country, and found that the top menu trends for this year focused on local sourcing, environmental sustainability and nutrition. This post will briefly examine this trend, how it is influencing the food and dining industry and what opportunities it presents communication practitioners.Read more »

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Crafting Communications from the Inside Out

the next 30How many people work at your company? 100? 1,000? 10,000? Whether you realize it or not, whatever the answer is to that question also happens to be the number of communications professionals you have on staff.

People have dozens of channels at their disposal to discuss what goes on during their day-to-day lives – from posting fancy food pictures on Instagram to engaging in political rants on Facebook. Given that most of us spend a solid 40+ hours at work each week, it stands to reason that posts about work-related triumphs and tribulations occasionally happen to make their way into our social media feeds.

The good news: If an employee is happy and enthusiastic about your company, you can count this as free advertising and targeted recruiting.

The bad news: If an employee is unhappy and has issues with your company, you can count this as both a human resources and communications problem.Read more »

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Do UK Political Parties Have the Answers to the Health Care Challenge?

Donna Castle
As the UK chattering classes head for Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow for the last round of party conferences before the 2015 General Election  – where health will be one of the key battlegrounds –  do any of the political parties have the answer to the National Health Service (NHS) problem?Read more »

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To be in the Union or Not to be in the Union: That Was the Question

Yes. No. No. Yes. These are the simple words which have dominated political debate for the past few months across the entire UK. You couldn’t buy a pint, turn on the TV or pop to the shops without the inevitable conversation – street politics was back! The simplicity of the question as to whether Scotland should become an independent country has led to an unprecedented level of campaigning and engagement with a record turnout yesterday of 85%, a real fillip to democracy. Here, APCO Worldwide’s public affairs and campaigning team analyse 6 key lessons from the campaign which ultimately ended up 55% No and 45% yes:Read more »

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What’s Next in Energy Infrastructure?

Jessyca SheehanLast week, I attended a Bay Area Council event on building a “21st Century Energy Infrastructure.” The forum focused in particular on the regulatory, infrastructure and consumer aspects of integrating renewables into our electric grid, an area where California continues to be at the forefront. Speakers Carla Peterman, a California Public Utilities Commissioner and former California Energy Commissioner, and Arno Harris, CEO of Recurrent Energy, offered several interesting perspectives on where we’re headed next.
•Distributed Generation There is no doubt distributed generation, particularly rooftop solar, will continue to become a greater part of our energy infrastructure. The lines are blurring between energy generator and energy customer. Going forward Commissioner Peterman expects to see more financial investment at the distribution vs. transmission level.Read more »

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