A Jokowi Presidency

On July 22, Joko “Jokowi” Widodo was declared the official winner of Indonesia’s presidential election and will be sworn in as the country’s seventh president on October 20. Running as the candidate of change, Jokowi has pledged to institute various reforms that will bolster the economy, address social problems, and make it easier to do business in the world’s fourth largest country. Yet his low margin of victory by Indonesian standards means he lacks a strong popular mandate and will need to spend the transition period building political support for his reform agenda. This report contains our Jakarta team’s analysis of the election results, the political pitfalls Jokowi will need to navigate during the transition period, and his priorities for his first 100 days in office – and what this all means to multinationals operating in the country. Read more »

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What’s Shaping the Role of Business in Society

In this video, Julie Jack, senior director within APCO’s Sustainable Growth & Corporate Responsibility practice, discusses the changing expectations for companies today. She mentions a number of the challenging issues, such as chronic diseases or labor rights, that companies are thought to increasingly act upon to improve society. The investment community and other stakeholders are watching how companies play a role in these issues and how it can contribute to their long-term growth and value.Read more »

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Contradictory Decisions Put ACA Once Again on the Path to the Supreme Court

Bill PierceWhat matters more when it comes to law and legislation: actual words or intent? That is the fundamental question at the heart of the most recent challenge to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In two recent Appeals Court decisions, the answer was both. Confused? Join the crowd. (Here is a story from the AP explaining the rulings and one from The Washington Post Wonkblog.)Read more »

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States Continue to Lead the Way in Clean Tech

Last week, Clean Edge released its 2014 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index, detailing clean tech leadership among U.S. cities and states according to such indicators as technology, policy and capital at the state level and green buildings, advanced transportation and clean tech innovation at the metro level. While there were few real surprises in this year’s report, a few findings did jump out at me.Read more »

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Living on Sunshine

Bob BissenA few years ago, my Norwegian brother-in-law visited our home in Northern Virginia for the first time. As I showed him around the yard, he told me the first thing he would do if he owned the house would be to remove the large ash tree in the middle of the backyard. I was shocked. You see, my wife and I love that tree. OK, love is too strong a word, but despite the fact that it’s the last tree in the neighborhood to fully bloom in the spring and the first to lose its leaves in the fall, we really do appreciate the value that it brings.

Why? That ash tree is on the west side of the house. In the summer, when fully covered with leaves, it provides significant shade to the house. If that tree was gone, my wallet would be significantly lighter; I’d be using my air conditioning more, thus increasing my electric bill. The rest of the year, with the leaves gone, sunlight streams through the bare branches of the tree providing extra warmth to the house and lowering my heating costs.Read more »

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Indonesia’s Undecided Election

Indonesia is in a state of precarious suspense. The much-awaited presidential election held on July 9 – the largest single-day election in the world – did not produce a clear winner. Both candidates, Prabowo Subianto of the Gerindra Party and Joko “Jokowi” Widodo of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), declared victory on election day based on “quick count” results released by a smattering of polling companies.

The final results in what will be Indonesia’s closest election since direct voting began in 2004 will be announced by the General Elections Commission (KPU) next Tuesday, July 22. At the urging of Indonesia’s current president, both candidates have called for calm among their supporters until the official results are made public. Indonesia will thus remain in a holding pattern for the next week as votes from across the 6,500 populated islands in the archipelago are counted.

In this period of uncertainty, APCO in Jakarta has prepared this short memo that addresses some of the questions we’ve been asked by colleagues and clients in the last few days about the situation in Indonesia. Once the final announcement is made, the team will develop a full analysis of the business environment under the next administration.Read more »

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