French Class Action Suits: Is Your Company’s Reputation at Risk?

the next 30After 30 years of intense debates, the “made in France” class action finally made it to the legal shelves in September. French consumers are now allowed to gather as a group to file claims against potentially abusive companies. Although the French version of the class action is, at this stage, far more limited than its American counterpart, the current scope will favor actions against highly visible companies and brands whose businesses are strongly dependent on their reputations. With consumers allowed to join forces, how can large companies protect their reputations in this David vs. Goliath conundrum? Whatever the outcome of the class action might be, it will greatly impact the communication of the targeted companies by putting their reputations and businesses at stake. As Warren Buffet famously said, “It takes 20 years to build a company’s reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” The French formula of class action takes this a step further and brings any company potentially closer to those five minutes.Read more »

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What’s Next for Consumer Advocacy Programs

the next 30Conversations about your brand are happening in every nook and cranny of the Internet — among friends, family, colleagues and individuals who influence the opinions of millions of followers. There’s value and risk, in those conversations, which is why executives around the globe are showing increased interest in adding consumer advocacy programs to their marketing mix. Why is this critical for your brand?Read more »

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US-China Relations: Analysis of the 2014 APEC Meeting

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), held in Beijing in early November, marked a pivotal moment for Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Barak Obama. For President Xi, APEC was the diplomatic equivalent of the Olympics: a coming out party to display China’s emergence as a world leader. For President Obama, APEC was a chance to show he could still make progress on the global front, despite having just lost the Senate to the Republican Party back home.Read more »

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Reflections on the King’s Fund Conference: Communication lessons for the NHS

cruz_sara_tnWhen you look at the NHS, it isn’t always obvious that everyone is working towards the same goals. This was one of the problems addressed at the recent King’s Fund Conference in London. Reflecting on the discussions, I was struck by the critical role that first class communication is going to play in helping to effect the magnitude of change that the NHS needs to achieve to deliver on the pledges set out in NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens’ Five Year Forward View.Read more »

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Extracting Meaning From the Macro: Boiling Down Transformational Trends

maschari_nick_tnAs a professional focused on international business growth and development in a commercial context, I find it instructive and interesting to spend time with leading thinkers on large macro trends and to participate in the kinds of engaging policy and issue debates that you find often hosted in Washington, D.C. and government capitals around the world. But I have to admit: because I’m not a policy wonk – which is not to disparage those who are – I often find myself taking notes less focused on the remarks given by high-level panelists and keynote speakers, but rather aimed at working out the “so what?” that lies beneath lofty conference agendas.Read more »

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OTCs and the Self-Care Revolution

The days of a passive approach to personal health care is a thing of the past. This is not news, but how this translates into consumer behavior and empowerment given today’s unprecedented access to health information and technology is an exciting phenomenon to watch unfold.

I spent the last decade at my former job working towards continued or expanded access to over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, but it wasn’t until I had two small children (and I suppose you could argue a third “less small” family member if you were to count my husband) that I became increasingly motivated to find additional avenues towards efficient and cost-effective treatments for minor ailments.Read more »

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