Birmingham 2014 – An Assessment

Following the Prime Minister’s speech this morning at the UK Conservative Party Conference – which brings to a close the last Conservative conference before the general election next May – APCO’s public affairs team assesses how David Cameron has measured up against the pre –conference check list we identified on the eve of the conference.Read more »

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Labels, Labels on the Wall, Who’s the Healthiest of Them All?

the next 30Think about the last time you went grocery shopping… Did you evaluate the packaging of the products you were purchasing? Did you feel good about the food items you were buying, which you would soon be eating? Those are questions high on the agendas of Health Ministers around the world, looking closely at front-of-pack (FoP) symbol systems, leading to food and beverage companies taking different stances on it to protect their products and corporate reputation.Read more »

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Ticking Boxes in Birmingham?

Dropping into fringe events, touring around the exhibition stands and conducting clandestine conversations in the bar are all part and parcel of any visit to a UK political party conference, but what are those in attendance actually achieving in Birmingham at the 2014 Conservative Party Conference?
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Will The Real George Osborne Please Stand Up?

In his speech to the Conservative Party Conference today, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne eschewed the usual pre-election giveaways and instead entrenched the Government’s current fiscal strategy, suggesting that there is significant financial pain to come after the 2015 General Election. Taken together with his informal, personal interview with the Mail on Sunday yesterday, this speech seemed designed to bolster Osborne’s own future leadership ambitions, as he set out to tie the importance of fiscal responsibility and bringing down the deficit with a more positive vision for the future.Read more »

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Cameron’s Conference Checklist

It is a pretty glum train full of Conservative Party faithful as we speed towards the Midlands for the annual party conference. Last night’s double hammer blow of a defection of one of its MPs to the UK Independence Party (the second in as many months) and the resignation of a recently appointed Minister over sexual allegations in the weekend papers has cast the darkest of shadows over the Prime Minister’s plans to use the conference as a springboard for the General Election campaign. Given the changed reality APCO’s public affairs team have come up with five things Cameron and co need to achieve at this week’s conference:Read more »

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Will the Next Congress Turn the Green Shoots of Recovery into Blue Grass?

The recent announcement by United States Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen that the Fed will “stay the course” in keeping interest rates low to continue to promote the rebuilding of the U.S. economy and encourage job creation, the robust IPO of Chinese internet giant Alibaba combined with the strong NO vote against succession of Scotland from the United Kingdom has given the United States and global economies a much-needed dose of optimism.

Can this optimism and enthusiasm continue, particularly with the mid-term elections coming up, the country facing an unprecedented security challenge in Syria and Iraq with ISIL, along with a restive Ukraine, and other U.S. and global headwinds impacting our economy?Read more »

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